Write On Door County

Write On Door County

After a long November I had a week-long residency in Door County, WI, thanks to the fine folks at Write On, Door County.

The weather was strangely crisp—no snow—as if the whole place had been preserved in an icebox. That meant I had the run of the walking paths in the day, which are marked with wonderful wooden benches to sit and think. 

I got through the better part of a new novel draft that week, and more than that, cleared my head for the year to come. Turns out I needed that more than I knew then. 

There’s a kind of magic in being up there in Door County, completely off the grid. No cell service! That was exactly the kind of solitude I needed. My only regret is that the bookstore in Fish Creek was closed (next time!).

Prior to the residency, I taught a class for the WODC members on how to catch and editors eye with their opening pages, and then put it to use by looking over pages from the participants themselves. 

WODC offers residencies, online classes, and more, so even if you aren’t in the region, you can take part in their programming, like the upcoming class with Mark Wunderlich. If you have a minute, be sure to check WODC out.

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